As a LinkedIn Coach, LinkedIn Profile Optimizer and Trainer, my mission is to empower and enable you to tell your professional story online.  Linked-Express is ALL about LinkedIn; the only professional online networking social media tool

LinkedIn works with a complex algorithm-just because you are on LinkedIn does not mean you are LinkedIn! Let me help you successfully transform your Profile and Strategy for REAL Results! Simply filling in your profile is not enough-it may say you are an all-star but your profile probably tells a different story!

Are you simply on LinkedIn or truly LinkedIn? Take the quiz and find out!

To be successful on LinkedIn means you are knowledgeable on LI intelligence and netiquette, you have an optimized profile for personal and professional branding, you understand business applications and the search algorithm, you know how to implement a strategy set around goals, and you apply a holistic 6C LinkedIn strategy and approach:

The Linked-Express 6C LinkedIn Strategy and Approach:

  • CONTENT- Build high-quality, algorithm-friendly & contagious content

  • CONNECTIONS- Improve, nurture, build, & manage a trustworthy network

  • COMPETENCY- Demonstrate “value”​competencies

  • CREDIBILITY- Showcase credibility and proven results

  • CONFIDENCE- Display personality & IN-fluence your target audience into action

  • CONSIDERATION – Apply LinkedIn intelligence and etiquette

What LinkedIn professional training provides:

  • How LinkedIn works and how you can have a profile that works with its’ complex search algorithm

  • Leadership techniques through status updates, Pulse blogs, and  strategically interacting with your network

  • Proper netiquette and getting it right

  • Business applications and how to be savvy when it comes to online networking

  • Establishing credibility / recognition

  • Next steps and building strategy

  • How to use LinkedIn “with purpose”: Job search, networking, branding, business, lead generation, sales

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