Your team can be brand advocates who can help you showcase your company properly. Employee profiles on LinkedIn can boost your Employer Brand! Proper training will ensure that all staff members have a consistent and strong brand presence and empower them to use this complex and powerful professional online networking tool.

Each presentation / workshop is tailored and customized.

Training / workshop sessions can be designed as “Lunch & Learn LinkedIn Power Hour” (1 hour) or an intensive hands-on (up to a 3-hour) session.

We cover:

  • What makes a complete profile and how the algorithm works so you can be found in search results

  • The areas you MUST complete on your profile for a strong first impression and where you can link yourself effectively to your role and respective company

  • Proper Netiquette

  • The importance of LinkedIn status updates and blog posts and how you can dominate your niche as an industry expert

  • Tips, tools, and links to help you optimize your experience and your online presence

“Think of it as building your online army, with every employee on the same ‘page’ you will be ready to take the world by storm.” Jorgen Sundberg, Link Humans



  • TE Wealth

  • McMaster University

  • McGill University

  • EMBA, John Molson School of Business

  • Athabasca University

  • AVON Canada

  • Alumni Department, Concordia University

  • MIB-Women Networking Club

  • Women in Business, John Molson School of Business

  • GroupeExpedia

  • CPA Canada

  • Rotman Commerce Women in Business

  • Forte Foundation

  • Ontario Association of Career Management (OACM)

  • Intelex Technologies

  • CO-OP Concordia

  • Goodman Institute

  • 1769 Distillery

  • Daana Yoga

  • Yes Montreal

  • IABC

  • Vanier College

  • Jones Lang LaSalle

  • Rotman

  • Tewatohnhi’saktha

  • FedEx

  • Degroote School of Business

  • Ivey School of Business

  • University of Toronto

  • UBC – Department of Economics