You walk into a room and you have presence. You are a Woman, a Leader, a Trailblazer, and Torchbearer. You handle networking with style, grace, and wisdom. You are seen as a credible expert in your field and you own your story and brand.

However, do you have the same presence and voice online?

LinkedIn is a powerful and professional social tool for businesses and professionals and it comes hand-in-hand with being a respected leader today and establishing your expertise and presence online.

So let’s tackle LinkedIn Leadership and make you that you are rising up online and having your story heard.

LinkedIn in High Heels

It is your time to RISE UP and LEAD ONLINE

  • Build your stand-out profile and brand

  • Tell your own powerful career story with pride and presence

  • Build your own LinkedIn Community board

  • Create and share engaging content; become the LinkedIn thought leader you were meant to be

  • Publish content that recognises your unique expertise and helps you to RISE and stand out from the crowd

  • Master the ART of Social Reciprocity

  • Learn to work with the powerful and comprehensive LinkedIn algorithm

  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  • Rise up and Lead Online

The LinkedIn In High Heels Manifesto

Leading on LinkedIn will benefit your personal, professional and business brand.

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