Who Am I?


Not your typical LinkedIn Trainer that is for sure!

I focus on Social Reciprocity as a way for you to WIN ON LINKEDIN!

It is very important to have an optimized LinkedIn Story but it will be your belief in your story, how you pay it forward, and how you tap into a market who will want to read it – so much so that they will keep returning for more and more…I did not inherit the title LinkedIn CKO (Chief Kindness Officer) for nothing. My goal is to help you build a globally supportive community on LinkedIn where your LinkedIn relationship building skills shine and your kindness builds trust.

The time is NOW to blaze your unique trail, create LinkedIn “AHA” moments, and revolutionize how you and your team own your space, tell your unique and individualized stories, approach LinkedIn as a unified and supportive team, do what you need to do to become thought leaders, and approach LinkedIn like a BOSS and be ready to say, I am ready for a mindset “SHIFT”  to happen!

I have spread LinkedIn Goodness in well over 400 (workshops, talks, keynotes) for executive teams, associations, departments, entrepreneurs, job seekers, special groups, and for amazing women leaders!

I have two signature workshops: LinkedIn in High Heels: Rise Up and Lead Online. It is all about kicking imposter to the curb and creating a transition for women leaders to Lead-IN, Listen-IN, Link-IN, and become IN-fluential leaders online. The POWER of your LinkedIn Story and Social Reciprocity takes you on a journey of finding out what success looks like on LinkedIn and how you are going to get yourself there.

I am a certified Coach, member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), A women of Inspiration Winner, a Forbes Writer, and on the list of globally recognized LinkedIn experts.

My diverse experience as a professional LinkedIn Trainer and Coach allows me to bring a unique breadth of knowledge, as well as an aspect of fun and passion, to all my workshops and talks. This is very important because you should be enjoying your LinkedIn journey.

“LinkedIn is no longer and option, it is a must stop shop for professionals who want an amazing tool that will support their transition into professional greatness

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Shelly worked with me as a Social Media Strategist for my new business, 1769 Distillery, helping to set up the company LinkedIn page and develop social media marketing strategy. She is easy to work with, upbeat, positive and provides clients with a lot of current and relevant material. I highly recommend Shelly as a social media strategist for both individual and corporate needs.

Maureen David, President 1769 Distillery

Working with Shelly was mind blowing. I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to target my exact needs and give me step by step strategy on how to create an impactful profile that speaks directly to my ideal clientele as well as connect with the key influencers in my field. She offers phenomenal insight and is 110% commitment to the success of her clients. Shelly is a star… a must hire!

Cindy Ashton, Your Persuasive Voice
I am honored to write this recommendation for Shelly Elsliger. As the lead for the LinkedIn Student Learning Ambassador program, I worked closely with Shelly to build the program and found myself in awe of her dedication, knowledge, innovation and leadership.

Working as the “LinkedIn Learning Liaison” for the University of Toronto, Rotman Commerce, Shelly had vision to see the benefits of a program which enabled students to engage in an experiential learning opportunity in partnership with LinkedIn. Shelly took that vision and she added her passion for LinkedIn and turned it into measurable results for the University of Toronto and the students involved in the program.

Working far beyond the call of duty, Shelly mentored students in the program to develop skills, build their expertise in learning software and create opportunities across campus to actively bring awareness around the value of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning. Her students far exceeded the requirements of the program and were in the top 10% of those who completed the program. Shelly began with only three students in the first phase of the program but managed to recruit 10x more in the second phase.

Shelly’s deep experience with LinkedIn, career services, her life-long learner perspective coupled with being a fierce goal-oriented strategist cannot be overestimated. Shelly is a master of LinkedIn and knows our software inside. In all of her presentations, workshops and mentoring throughout the program Shelly explains our products clearly and possesses incredible instincts for identifying and pursuing opportunities to bring the value of our products to students, her peers and the public at large. Most importantly, however, is that fact that Shelly leads by example and our team here at LinkedIn have found her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Shelly truly makes the impossible possible. She is an extraordinary individual and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to counting to build our partnership in the future.

Jennifer Catallo, LinkedIn Canada

She is dedicated in helping others succeed, in fact, it one of her passions. Shelly has coached many students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She has led a number of valuable and progressive group training workshops including a Leveraging LinkedIn Workshop for our EMBA program. Shelly’s approach is open and interactive. Working with others and equipping them with the skill sets and knowledge to grow to greater heights is her motivation. She is disciplined, driven, honest and always cheerful and I highly recommend her!

Sharon Nelson, John Molson Executive MBA

Shelly quickly and clearly showed me how I wasn’t nearly maximizing the power of LinkedIn’s software, algorithms, etc. She provided precise instructions as to how I could improve my personal profile, my (previously non-existent) company profile, and my actual networking strategies. You simply cannot go wrong with Shelly – she will make your LinkedIn presence stronger, guaranteed!

Jason Finucan, Empower Professional Services

We met once, I attended one of your workshops at JMSB and it was about how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile 🙂 it was very useful for a new migrant who was trying to re-start her career while re-starting her life from zero, and finally succeeded.

Heba Abouabed, PMP

Shelly has done several workshops for YES to help our clients increase their knowledge and use of this important networking tool. She takes her time to connect with participants throughout the session to ensure an in depth understanding, and provides hands on tips and tools for all levels of LinkedIn users!

Professional, funny and warm- Shelly is our go to person for helping our clients “Connect for Real”!

Annalise Iten, YES Montreal

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